The Linkbroker headquarters is located in the beautiful town of Königswinter. Situated near Cologne and Bonn, Königswinter is a charming rural town known for its scenic beauty and striking natural surroundings. Our office is located in the Oberpleis district, providing an ideal setting for focused and inspired work.

Our experts

Currently, our team consists of 15 employees. The largest human resources are required in fulfilment and our in-house editorial department. Following closely are our SEO experts and developers. Do you want to become part of our team? Simply send us your CV and cover letter—we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Matthias Lastowiecki
SEO Expert
Daniel Kort
UI/UX Design
Julian Kirfel
SEO Expert (Offpage)
Mats Petersen
Fulfilment & Support
Laura Petersen
André Kirfel
SEO Expert
Nina Lastowiecki-Limbach
Dalia Deis
Editorial Management
Moritz Kuhlig
Customer Sales Representative
Marek Kort
Editorial Team
Debarshi Das
Full Stack Developer
Christian Frohwein
Customer Sales Representative
Viola Vester
Human Ressources
Karan Rajput
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
Julia Irlenbusch
Editorial Team